The steps to building a website

  • Step 1. Plan the website
  • Step 2. Design the website
  • Step 3. Create the website
  • Step 4. Add content and test website
  • Step 5. Launch and market your website
What type of website

There are so many different types of websites out there - with even more price tags.
Things to consider include

  • Sales - do you want to sell online?
  • Call to actions - what would you like the visitor to do? call you? come to your premise? buy?
  • Interaction - do you want to provide information and seek feedback from site visitors?
  • Management - can you update the content yourself?
  • etc.
What are responsive websites
Responsive websites, also known as 'mobile ready', are websites that have been designed to work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. Generally as the screens get smaller, the content on them will automatically resize and move under other content so that the website visitors can still read the site. Websites that are not responsive are very hard to read on a mobile phone and will generally require the visitor to have to scroll and enlarge the text, etc.
What should it look like
Website design is very subjective and often driven by budget. Any website that you build now should be responsive (able to be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobiles), should consider accessibility and must take into consideration the people you want to target. Bright primary colours with flashing cartoons are great for children's websites but do not tend to entice adults to stay long.
Who should write it
We recommend you have a professional organisation build your website. It is a valuable marketing tool which must meet the needs of your clients and your business. Professional website developers understand this and will lead you through the full process - from planning, to design, development, testing, deployment and then the on-going maintenance required to keep your website secure.
How do you market a website
Once you have your website, add it to your e-mail signatures, print collatoral and off-line advertising. Then look at your online advertising - other websites, social media and online advertising.
For effective marketing you can not go passed professional organisations that understand the online space and the preferences of the target audiences. For example, if you want to target teenages there is not point advertising your website on pages relating to retirement villages - they just wont find it!

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